Yoga For First Responders® Cyber Academy

This platform is an easily accessible tool to process stress and build resilience. Because stress is what we train for, we are uniquely positioned to offer our expertise to first responders. Cyber Academy offers short, on demand classes training in tactical breath work, physical drills, and resetting the neurological system.

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Yoga For First Responders On Demand

Our mission is to provide a skill set to first responders, military personnel and all those who want to be exceptional. We teach elite responders around the world our one of a kind protocol to be the best versions of themselves. Now you can take this skill set with you anywhere!
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Whether you are an individual first responder, a chief looking for a different training methodology for your department and are looking for an enterprise solution, or a citizen wanting to train to be exceptional this platform is for you! Although rooted in traditional yoga, we have spent 7+ years honing our protocol specifically for this population. Our protocol will allow you to:

Process Stress


Enhance Performance


Build Resilience

These skills are crucial for our first responders, military personnel and just as important for anyone looking for that elite edge in life. This On Demand platform allows you to be a stronger, more robust person, with the ability not to just survive adversity, but thrive from it! Sign up now to access short OnDemand yoga classes, workshops, mindfulness exercises and more.

Don't just take our word for it!

See what some of our trainees have to say, it not only changed their lives, but of those they serve by making them elite responders.

"Whether it's actual combat, witnessed combat, or just the next task given by your leadership, we need resilience skills to maintain our physical and mental domains of health and to sustain operations in the face of any adversity. Unlike other skills that only help you personally in one domain or the other, Yoga is a skill that helps in both domains and scales easily to your teams.”

SMSgt Andrew P, USAF *This statement is not intended to reflect the opinion of the Air Force, Department of Defense, the United States, or its employees.

“I knew that there had to be something I could do to bring myself out of the excited state of getting a call in the middle of the night from a dead sleep, but I didn't know what or how. The practice of tactical breathwork in challenging positions, along with mindful awareness from Yoga For First Responders has given me the tools to control my mind, body and breath for increased situational awareness, decreased air consumption while wearing an SCBA, and a better quality sleep after calls - all of which is imperative to thrive in this line of work.”

Dana K, Firefighter

“When the stakes are high, operating at peak performance increases positive outcomes for first responders. Incorporating the YFFR protocol into a training regimen gives deputies and officers the tools to constructively process stress in real-time, and positions them to improve their recovery from job-related trauma. The YFFR protocol is practical; it can be used in squad cars, shift briefings, or virtually anywhere peak performance is needed by first responders."

Dustin K, Cpt. Sheriff Dept.

“Every shift I work, and every time I talk to someone from work on my day off, the question is always the same, "When are we doing yoga again?" I'm currently getting near 100% participation from Operations personnel, and overwhelming support from the administration. Yoga for First Responders is providing me, and my fellow firefighters, a skill set to process years and years of really bad stuff that has accumulated in our minds and bodies. All in all, I have to say that in almost 25 years in the fire service, I will probably take more from this training than any other I've attended.”

Eric M, Firefighter

"YFFR has taught me to change my outlook on my daily dose of stress. Rather than allowing the stressors of my job tear me down, YFFR has equipped me with the proper tools to not only combat stress but to utilize and flourish in the midst of intense circumstances. Yoga and tactical breathing have had a majorly positive impact not just in my first responder life, but in my personal life as well."

Peyton P, Firefighter


Individual plans are listed below. Plans for entire departments are offered at an ENTERPRISE level. For enterprise details please email your interest to


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